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Editorial Assistants and/or Interns are responsible for the following duties:
Editorial assistants are responsible for providing direct assistance to editors. They often provide administrative assistance to editors by answering phones, taking messages, running errands, and performing other tasks as needed. They may also accompany editors on business trips and to various conferences.
Fact-checking can consume a significant amount of an editor’s time, and often, editorial assistants will check facts on their behalf. The Internet is the primary tool used to verify the facts in articles and other publications, and editorial assistants notify editors and writers if there is a problem with plagiarism or false information.
Most editors do not have time to perform basic editing tasks, so they rely on editorial assistants to check the grammar and punctuation of articles prior to their publication. Editorial assistants often use specialized software to achieve this goal, but they will still need to read each article individually.
Writers are an important part of the publishing world, and often, publications hire numerous writers to produce content for them. When there is a problem or an issue needs to be addressed, editorial assistants may reach out to writers in an attempt to resolve them. They may also act as liaisons between writers and senior or executive editors.
Senior and executive editors usually have the last say in regards to content, but they often consult editorial assistants when the time to select writers and stories arrives. Editorial assistants may help by reading various samples or pitches and selecting the ones most likely to receive the approval of the senior editor.


  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred

  • Two years of editorial experience preferred, however not required

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong attention to detail, ability to manage time, organizational skills, proficiency in Microsoft Office and publishing tools like InDesign and Arbortext Epic Editor

  • English, journalism, or communication degree preferred

  • enthusiasm, interpersonal skills, self-motivation and flexibility;

  • attention to detail, together with the ability to proofread

  • the ability to stay calm under pressure, work well with others and show initiative

  • creativity, and in some cases digital-editing skills. You may also need knowledge and experience of social media platforms such as Twitter

  • time management skills, including the ability to keep to tight deadlines.

  • Constantly perform desk-based computer tasks. Frequently sitting.

  • Occasionally stand/walk, reach/work above shoulders, grasp lightly/fine manipulation, grasp forcefully, use a telephone, sort/file paperwork or parts, lift/carry/push/pull objects that weigh up to 10 pounds.

  • Rarely twist/bend/stoop/squat, kneel/crawl.


Salary: $8/hr

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