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4 Weeks


Shanda Couch

Impeccable attention to detail and a unique delivery are the hallmarks of Shanda Couch, with a debut novel that will have you itching for more. Check out the full selection of titles published by Bluerose Publishing.

About the course

What is a "Series/Story Bible" and why do you need one? Well, a "Series/Story Bible" is an important and useful tool to aid authors in the planning and pre-writting process of their novels. It's basically a reference book for your book and/or book series that includes an abundance of information on the characters, setting, plot, etc. in an organized and easy to navigate binder. The Story/Series Bible can be either digital or physical format, or both.. whatever you prefer.
Now what does our course include? Our Series/Story Bible Creation Course is a four week course that takes you through every step of creating your own Series/Story Bible. It includes a comprehensive Story Bible template as well as templates to help you develop your characters, setting, plot, theme, and much more. It also includes videos and tutorials on how to fill out the templates and how to utilize your story/series Bible so you can make it work for your story. And once a week, we will host live zoom meetings where you can ask questions and/or make suggestions to help us improve our templates or our materials for the course.

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